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Epic Trip Across the Sapphire Coast aka The Myth of the Australian Sky February 19, 2012

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Hey all! So, for the past ten days my mother and I have embarked on a thoroughly epic trip across Australia, fitting more into the past week and a half than most people do in a month.  Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll try and keep the text to a minimum and focus on some images of the thoroughly amazing country I’m in.

Day One in Sydney: Right after getting off the plane.  We walked around Sydney for about ten hours, got horribly lost, found our way again, went on a free walking tour, met some nice folks, and found my favorite place in Syney: the Botanical Gardens. I became a little obsessed with all the trees there.

Day Two in Sydney: More walking.  It poured rain in the morning, but nothing stops McKinley women.  We went to Manly beach, which was almost totally empty due to the fabulous weather (perfect for those with a tanning problem), and then wandered around Sydney even MORE.  Seriously, we probably walked a marathon. And then we went back to the botanical gardens where I proceeded to scare some nice Asian tourists by talking about all the North American trees.

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Anyway, I’m exhausted now but I’ll be updating a lot these next few days now that I have a computer, so stay tuned! Also, I have no idea how to put pictures on so sorry if they are a bit messy.  And since some off


One Response to “Epic Trip Across the Sapphire Coast aka The Myth of the Australian Sky”

  1. Your pictures look great, Darcy! Glad to see you’re having a good time in Australia. 🙂

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