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Class Time February 21, 2012

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I just had my first two days of classes, and I have to admit, it was nice to get back into the swing of academia.  I am also beyond exhausted (loooong run tonight), so I will keep this short.

I love my classes so far, especially my forestry related ones (I’m taking Managing Forested Ecosystems, Ecological Restoration and Management, Biodiversity Conservation in Forested Landscapes, and Australian History. I may switch out of that one, though, if I can’t get it to count as one of the relatively few general education requirements I have left).  All my forestry classes have field work, although not as frequent as my classes at Penn State.  We haven’t really covered any actual material, but I still had fun. The accents probably helped.

Wombat as seen at Wilson's Prom (Not at ANU)

Wombat as seen at Wilson's Prom (Not at ANU)

The class schedule is definitely different here, and it is taking some time to get used to.  First off, you have to build your own timetable.  When you register for classes, there is nothing preventing you from scheduling classes at the exact same time.  Most professors do tape their lectures to help with this, but I am still so confused how people can actually keep two classes that run at the same times.  I would be totally lost if I had to consistently miss my lectures.  Furthermore, there is no designated amount of time between classes.  My one class goes from 11am to noon, and my next class is from noon to 1pm.  Fortunately they are in the same room, and most professors give you five minutes leeway, but as someone used to it taking at fifteen minutes to sprint from class to class, this can be a bit unnerving.

Mama koala and baby (On Raymond Island, not at ANU. Again)

Mama koala and baby (On Raymond Island, not at ANU. Again)

As I mentioned a bit earlier in this post (I may have lied about keeping this short), I went for a run today with a bunch of people from my hall.  We’re training for Inward Bound, this super awesome race in which you are dropped at an undisclosed locaiton in the middle of hte night and then have to navigate your way back using a map and compass.  On our run, I saw about fifteen kangaroos. I, of course, proceed to freak out, definitely not squeal, flail, almost fall on my face, and generally do a fantastic job of presenting myself as a competent and normal American.  However, I would just like to point that I am utterly unaccustomed to kangaroos and they are a very interesting animal.  We also saw a fox eating a rabbit, which was super interesting since both are huge pests in Australia, although the fox was introduced to help cull rabbit populations. You can read more about it here.

The joey was quite adorable, although its mother was quite watchful

Kangaroos, not the ones I saw on my run, but similar. These ones were at Narooma.

And now, I’m done, I promise.  I will catch you all up on the epic road trip that most of these pictures come from at a later date when I can complete less clunky sentences. But before I go, one picture from ANU.  This is what I do in my spare time.

Don't worry, it is legal.

Traversing the National Library



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  1. Inward Bound sounds like a ton of fun, and I’m highly jealous of your kangaroo and koala sightings.

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