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Busy Beyond Belief. March 6, 2012

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So some of you might be wondering, “Why does that Darcy never update her blog?” Well, as the title might indicate, I am currently ridiculously busy. Between making friends, running, and this thing called studying, I am so tired that I pretty much just FALL into bed each night.  It is quite terrible.  But anyway, an update on my ever-exciting Canberra life. We’ll go in stages. 

1. Running: This is pretty much what my life revolves around right now. So if you think running is absolutely insane, you might want to skip over this bit, because you are absolutely correct. Running is insane, especially the race I’m training for.  In a little over three weeks, I will be running approximately 80k, or about 50 miles. With no idea of where I’ve started. In the dark. With a pack on. In one day. Actually, preferably under twelve hours.  Here’s a link to the website if you want to check it out: http://interhallsports.anu.edu.au/IB/welcome.html.
For those of you who would rather do heroin than run IB (as my race is commonly referred to), I have to tell you, the training is unbelievably fun.  I’ve made some amazing friends AND rediscovered my love of running. Even better, I see kangaroos on almost every single run. 


Here I am on an IB run. I’m the short girl in the middle in the green shirt.  We ran to the dam that’s about 5ish miles from campus.  It was overflowing due to the MASSIVE amount of rain that we’ve had of late. Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you about the rain!

Ok, so, it rained, solidly, for about a week here. EVERYTHING FLOODED. It was awful.  My room STILL smells like wet running clothes, and I’ve been airing it out for the past two days.  Here’s a link to pictures of some of the flooding: http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2010/12/09/3088838.htm.  We’ve gotten more rain in the past ten days that they sometimes get in two months.  But anyway, enough about the Biblical amount of rain. 

2. Friends: I know this sounds surprising, but I’ve been making friends! I love pretty much everyone I’ve met here.  The social scene is a little different than PSU, in that you get really close with your hall.  Instead of joining a bunch of clubs and making your friends through them, you do sports and activities with your residence hall.  Not that there aren’t clubs (I am part of the ANU Mountaineering Club), but its definitely more Hall oriented.  Instead of having a bunch of dining halls to visit whenever you like, you only eat at your hall’s dining area.  Its great, since instead of expending loads of energy texting friends and trying to organize dinner, I can eat whenever I like and ALWAYS find someone to eat with.  Plus, Bruce (my hall) has really amazing food.  


Here I am with some of the friends I’ve made. We’re pretty cute.  From left: Bronnagh, Me, Ruohan, and Michelle. We’re chilling in the Junior Common Room, which is pretty much the “come and hang out” room. 

3. School: My parents will be leaping with joy to read this.  I do actually spend a fair amount of time on school stuff. I’m taking three forestry classes and an Australian history class.  All my Aussie friends are appalled that I actually seem to be enjoying my history class, since to them Australia has the most boring history.  However, I find it fascinating that they managed to create a country without waging a war, especially since America has been fighting someone  for almost the entirety of its history.   

I’m finding my forestry classes fascinating.  I’m taking Managing Forested Ecosystems, Biodiversity Conservation in Modified Landscapes, and Ecological Restoration and Management.  My classes have a very diverse student makeup, quite different from my forestry classes at PSU.  Back home, most of my fellow students were from PA with a forestry background, and most were male.  Here, my classes are about half male, half female, and there are students from all over the world: Tibet, America (me), China, Papua New Guinea, and more.  Hearing all the different perspectives on conservation and forestry is definitely eye-opening.  

That’s all I have time for now, as I must head off to class, but I will do my best to keep updating.


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