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Sydney: City of Tank Tops and V-Necks January 31, 2012

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Hi. So, I currently have not slept in about 40ish hours, save for a scant five-ish hours on the plane, and I don’t really count those since I was folded over like really fat piece of paper.  I cannot really form any coherent thoughs, so here are some excerpts from my journal that I’ve been writing in all along.

  • Waiting for first plane.  Already realized I forgot my toothbrush. Hope other travellers appreciate personal space.
  • On first plane. Currently sitting next to a very large man.  My window and I are becoming intimately aquainted.
  • On second plane.  Children behind me not speaking but playing loud video game.  May have to take video game and smash it.
  • In Sydney airport.  Lots of fanny packs, seen mostly on Asians.  Not sure if Australian thing or Asian thing. Hopefully Australian thing since fanny packs are useful.  Probably not, though.
  • Currently very exhausted.  The ground is moving beneath my feet.  Not sure if exhaustion or earthquake.  Hopefully earthquake but probably exhaustion.
  • Sydney very cool city.  Seems to be quite fond of London Plane-Trees as street trees. So tired not able to fully comprehend things.  Many men in suits.  Also cannot seem to think in complete sentences.  My English teachers would be upset.

Anddd that’s all for now, folks.  Tune in later for more of this restless wanderer’s misadventurerous piteous otherthrows.


Packing for Down Under January 28, 2012

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I leave for Australia in two days and I am still not packed. I’m getting there, though! At this point, I keep putting things in my bag, deciding I don’t need them, taking them out, thinking about it, and then putting them back in. Its driving my sister absolutely barmy (new favorite word), since I’m using her room as my packing space.  The only things I have packed for sure are some cute shoes (which my fashion-forward father says I don’t need), my climbing gear, and my dive gear.  It’s socially acceptable to walk around campus dressed in a bathing suit and climbing shoes, right? Actually, walking around in my climbing shoes would ruin them, so I guess I’ll be wandering around in my bathing suit, which is apparently called “togs” in Australia (that just makes me think of wearing clogs as clothes, a la Lady Gaga), and some nice flats.  I should stop writing this blog entry and just pack already, but its much more entertaining to procrastinate.  What can I say, I work best under pressure.

In other news, it’s finally started to hit me that I will not see my family for FIVE MONTHS.  The longest I’ve gone without seeing my dad has been two months, so this will definitely be a change.  I know I’ll miss them, but I feel like it’ll be a good learning experience.  I’ll miss my dog a LOT though. He’s almost fifteen, (105 in dog years), so I’m hoping he’ll be here when I get back.  I just wish I could bring him along!

I’m off in two days to do some traveling around with my mom before classes start, and I can’t wait!